Drop in

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Our venue for Drop In is changing.

In the meantime we are continuing Interim Zoom Drop In conversations plus visits to the pub.

We chat, we listen, we support each other at Drop In.

We laugh, have fun and enjoy tea and cake!

Partners, friends, or carers are welcome too.

“It’s a welcoming atmosphere. I think that is so important when you’re coming to the group for the first time!”

“This group makes me feel happy and I have people who understand about aphasia”

“Laughing uncontrollably with a friend is the best kind of laughing there is!”

“Aphasia is like learning to live in a brain that sometimes feels like it belongs to a stranger. Sometimes it’s hard because if you look at me I look fine but that’s where it becomes difficult. Coming to these groups makes it feel that everything is okay, even if it’s just for a little bit”


See our September schedule of activities in our newsletter.


Watch this space for more details about our Drop In.

How to get there

For help with transport see Support in your Area.