Our marvellous Creative Arts Group

Our creative art sessions have moved onto online Zoom meetings. Take a look at our News page and Online support page.

Say without Words Exhibition

Our second art exhibition was a great success featuring our collaborative work, “Life Jacket”. It successfully portrays the hidden difficulties of aphasia in a single piece of work. We plan a tour of the jacket around Devon – it’s already been to a conference with the Stroke Association, the Budleigh Well Being Hub and at the Whoo Hoo exhibition at Powderham recently.

Say without words

Phoenix Exhibition

Our first art exhibition with Magic Carpet  was held in March 2019 at the Phoenix Art Centre. Our celebration event was opened with the marvellous local artist, Ray Balkwill.

Take a look at some of our exhibits below:

Hear more about Nick’s work, from his words & spoken on his behalf: Living with Aphasiaart fun aphasia

Click here to hear about Dan’s work written from his comments, and spoken on his behalf: Capture

Dan art

Click here to hear about Emily’s work: Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

sparkle_card art aphasia

Click here to hear about Andrew’s work from notes written by his wife with his comments, spoken on Andrew’s behalf : Weather


Click here to hear about Ena’s work written from her words and spoken on her behalf: Outdoor Collage


Click here to hear words spoken on Tony’s behalf, using notes written by his wife: Art


Click to hear about Sandhy’s work below: Past cANcer – past bRAin haemORrhage…liVIng my liFe again by coming bAcK to my ART

art sandhy

RIP May 2019. Click to hear about Lorna’s work written by her and spoken on her behalf. The New Beginning


Click here to hear about Nigel’s work below: Ocean