For People with Aphasia

James and family people with aphasia

People with aphasia often find:

  • Social activities for people can be challenging.
  • Conversations with friends can be tricky.
  • Reading and writing can be difficult.


  • You know what you think and feel 
  • Make your own decisions
  • You are still an intelligent person
  • It is possible to live a good life with aphasia

Support and inspiration from others is important too. 

Emily’s inspirational words after her stroke at 24 years of age.

Other helpful tips for people with aphasia

  • Say one thing at a time.
  • Take time to talk.
  • Drawings and photos can help.
  • Write down key words.
  • Talking can be frustrating so relax.
  • Try audiobooks –  from the library.
  • Find quiet corners for conversation.
  • Turn off distracting televisions or radios.
  • Have a go on an iPhone for photos, maps or diary dates.
  • Discuss with your speech and language therapist, your friends and family.
  • Use an “Emergency Aphasia Card for some communication situations.

Remember to keep active too.

Follow Emily’s exercise videos on Instagram. Here’s a taster of the exercises!

For more help see Aphasia on The Stroke Association website

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