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Living with Aphasia works to build a community that understands aphasia.

I work with someone who has aphasia who might like to come along. How do I refer someone?

No formal referral is required – all are welcome! However, it’s nice to know you’re coming so that we know to expect you so just give us a ring. Sometimes the first visit can be daunting for the person with aphasia so please come along with them to ease their introductions.

People can visit whilst they’re in rehabilitation – or if you’ve had aphasia for many years . There is no limitation on the length or cause of the aphasia.

I have new staff member who works with stroke patients yet has very little experience of aphasia. Can they visit the group to find out more?

Yes! Meeting people with aphasia is a great way to learn more about the condition. We’re keen to spread the word about aphasia and to promote best practice in communication to anyone interested.professionals training aphasia

My team work with people with aphasia. How do we find out more about it?

Raising awareness and how best to communicate is important to us. Our sessions with professionals offer a chance to meet people with aphasia, to hear their stories and learn how best to manage the condition. We can travel to your venue. Talk to Barbara about your needs and we’ll endeavour to arrange something for professionals aphasiaWe received 100% Very Good feedback rating from 18 professionals. Here’s what they said in our feedback questionnaire:

  • I understand how aphasia affects people in different ways now
  • Didn’t realise how frustrating and frightening it is
  • It really helped to hear things from people who have aphasia – from their point of view
  • I’ll now talk to patients in a more understanding way
  • I’ve learnt more techniques to help patients feel at ease when expressing themselves
  • I’m going to use pen and paper more – and maybe drawings

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Take a look at the NHS advice on aphasia.