Helping Communication

We’re all about helping and having a good chat to make you feel good. We recently purchased an Ipad and uploaded photos of the things we are getting up to.

It’s been amazing how much we use it to share stories, learn about others and start off conversations.

For example, Andi found it helped him to understand what our charity has done in the past. He looked through our section on our raising awareness, fundraising and activity pages. Adam also found it helpful to know who everyone was and it helped him with finding the names of everybody. Ian found it useful to start off a chat with a new person to the group.

It’s been amazing how it’s got conversations going with people with aphasia!

Business Help for Living with Aphasia

Living with Aphasia is overwhelmed by the support of business in our area.

Great conversations for people with aphasia need some support. Finding words can be tricky. Props such as magazines and photographs can make communication easier and less frustrating for everyone.

How fabulous that local businesses are willing to help us out. W.H Smith will provide magazines for our Conversation Drop In Group. In addition, Apple have helped set up our new IPad. They will offer support for us with everything IT! Making a difference and spreading the word about aphasia in Exeter and Devon!

aphasia awareness businessaphasia awareness business

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Express yourself through visual media!

What a great opportunity to express yourself!

People with communication difficulties can express themselves through visual media whilst building up creative skills too.

Living with Aphasia has teamed up with Magic Carpet to bring art sessions to add to our activities.

Magic Carpet is a local charity in Devon. They work to inspire creativity and well being though creative arts.

Find out more about our art sessions.

art expressart express


Thank you to Chalk + Ward cycling!

Chalk & Ward thank you cylingWhat a cycling achievement!     Thank you!

Chalk + Ward, a marketing/advertising agency in Exeter chose a energetic way to celebrate their 20th anniversary of trading. By cycling 90 miles in 7 hours!

Supported by the local group, the Bad Lodgers, they went from Bristol to Exeter raising money for 2 charities, Living with Aphasia and Magic Carpet.

The route started at the Colston Tower in Bristol where Chalk + Ward started their business and ended at Exeter where the company is now based. Their epic ride passed through the beautiful Cheddar Gorge. Maybe they didn’t get to see much of that as they whizzed through! They looked exhausted but very happy at the end! Well done!

cycle thank you cycling

Cooking Fun with Jim at Exeter Cookery School

Cooking can be tricky with aphasia – following recipes and using only one hand can make for difficult times – so it was fantastic to have a session with Exeter Cookery School to build confidence and skills. cooking

It was enormous fun to cook with Jim. His humour, patience and skill inspired us all to be the best – “Chef” was a buzzword for the morning! We made bread and scones and enjoyed a cream tea after all our


cookingThank you so much, Jim – we could be back!

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What a first anniversary party!

Living with Aphasia had the most amazing afternoon to celebrate our first year as a charity!

cheque wellington school party

The event started off with children from Wellington School joining us for our sponsored walk around the quay. As we are their nominated charity of the year we were delighted to receive a cheque from the school.

We had fun on our sponsored walk with some absolutely amazing achievements and fundraising- more stories to follow about these stories!

Michael Caines on behalf of Exeter Foundation was our next visitor. The Foundation has been amazingly supportive and supplied our branded clothing which has made such a difference to us and allowed us to get the word out about aphasia more effectively.children and michael party exeter foundation

To round off the afternoon, Sing Aphasia performed several songs, one of them with the children from Wellington School and James on the drums. A wonderful party and end to a fantastic day!everyone party