Ready Steady Bake…

Ready Steady Bake

Baking is an activity you can enjoy with those you love. Focus on the enjoyment of doing the activity together and not on achieving a ‘perfect’ bake!

You may have a favourite family recipe which you may want to adapt or choose an easy to follow recipe.

Baking might be an activity someone has always enjoyed, it might have been a job for some and doing the activity gives someone a sense of purpose and value.

Some people may be happy to look on whilst you’re baking and you can encourage interest by talking about what you’re doing and the delightful smell… look in old recipe books together, this might, in turn, stimulate conversation and memories; ‘Wow, the smell reminds me of…’

The tasting of a freshly baked cake is another sensory activity and one of the great parts of baking you can enjoy with a cuppa. There’s another conversation starter there; do you prefer a mug or a cup?’

Although baking does usually involve following a recipe, there are ways to be creative, from swapping out certain flavours, to choosing colours and shapes, and decorations for cakes and biscuits. Not only is there a link between expressing ourselves creatively and our general wellbeing but it is also specifically good for our minds, keeping our brains active and engaged can help combat the symptoms of #aphasia and other cognitive issues maintains a sense of independence. 

Often with aphasia feelings of self-worth and confidence suffer as people find themselves unable to do things at the same level as they used to. Being involved can help them feel useful and maintain a sense of dignity. The important thing is having the chance to engage with the activity.

There’s nothing us Brits like better than sitting down with a cuppa and a cake…except sitting down with a cuppa and a cake you’ve made yourself! The aim isn’t to bake the perfect cake, the aim is to spend time with loved ones and friends.

One name springs to mind at the moment with regard to baking and that is Paul Hollywood of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ so be inspired click on the link below and watch Paul bake the perfect scone! … Ready steady bake!!

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