Be proud, sing it loud!

Be Proud, Sing it Loud!

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

No matter your age, music touches everyone. Science has confirmed that as humans, we are hard-wired to have a response to music. Whether you like jazz, classical, pop, rap, blues or a mixture of all styles, there is no doubt that music moves us, both emotionally and physically. When you hear a good rhythm, you almost can’t help yourself from moving. A melody, a voice or a song can stir emotions and feelings within us that make us happy, sad, excited, upset or something else entirely!

As a form of sensory stimulation, music provokes responses because they are familiar, predictable and people feel a sense of security when they hear a familiar tune. Music therapy can make positive changes when other forms of therapy cannot.

Musical memories are often preserved because the parts of the brain that house these memories are relatively unaffected by aphasia. Music can also relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression. 

For the caregiver, music can do many of the same things. Some people who experience difficulties with communication, music can bridge that gap, allowing caregivers and patients to find commonality within the music.

Listening to music can stimulate other memories related to the times of their life. Finding out what your loved one enjoys and playing or singing those songs gives them an opportunity to remember past times. If they are inclined to clap or tap their feet to the beat of the music, you should encourage this movement. 

Why not pop along to this website! They have found creative ways to keep going online from what has been a difficult year. There are some great videos designed for people to warm-up their voices and sing along with music!

Or Why not go on our Inspiration page and have a try at creating your own ‘Blob’ opera song!

Be proud, sing it loud!

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