New Website!

We are so excited to announce that we will be launching an aphasia friendly website in the near future. Designed with the advice of people with aphasia the website offers an opportunity to regain confidence in using IT again. The lottery grant that funded the project has allowed us to produce an innovative, and easy to navigate site for people with aphasia and their families.

Plymouth Marjon University Speech and Language Therapy students and all our members are involved in the site.

Watch this space for more news!

Christmas 2020

Show your support for Living with Aphasia.

Living with Aphasia is delighted to offer the Christmas 2020 t towel for sale online. Designed by Nigel at our Creative Art sessions. Hot off the printer t towel

The t towel is 100% cotton measuring 18 x 31″ – perfect for your Christmas washing up tasks!

To place an order contact Barbara on the CONTACT FORM and we can arrange payment.

Please allow a week for your order to be fulfilled. Happy Christmas!


Some good news! We’re getting a shiny new aphasia friendly website!

Thanks to a National Lottery Community Fund we’ll be able to reach more people living with aphasia online.

Watch this space for more updates.

covid cornoavirus

Other good news is our Online Creative Art sessions are proving to be very popular. Magic Carpet, an Arts for Wellbeing Charity is providing fabulous sessions for us to get creative and express ourselves without words.

Getting Online for People with Aphasia

The Stroke Association have produced a guide to help people with aphasia get online. See the document HERE.

People with aphasia, researchers, and speech and language therapists have helped to create the document.  

It stems from an original 2018 consultation with more than 100 people with aphasia across the UK. 

This highlighted the importance of supporting people with aphasia and their families to use technology.

The guide uses aphasia-friendly text supported by carefully-designed images and can be used with a text reader.

It offers information and step-by-step guidance on a range of topics including:

  • getting online
  • searching for information
  • setting up and using email
  • online safety
  • sharing a photograph
  • using technology to support recovery

We hope this will help you get online

In addition, The Stroke Association will also be hosting an #AphasiaChat hour on the Stroke Association’s Twitter account – @TheStrokeAssoc

This will be on the 23rd June at 11:00.

Four questions will be asked and everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts.

This is for people with aphasia, families or anyone who supports people with aphasia.

“It would be great if some of your members could join or comment at a later time.”Assistant Director at Stroke Association

We’d love to have your input and comments!

Aphasia Awareness in June

The more people who know what aphasia is, the easier the lives will be for those who live with it.

june Aphasia awareness

Aphasia awareness month is a great way to spend some time focusing on spreading the word ‘aphasia‘ around as much as possible.

In the UK:

About 350,000 people in the UK have aphasia – help our affiliate charity Say Aphasia educate 350,000 other people about aphasia. So that people who live with aphasia do not feel so alone, isolated and misunderstood.

Also use #Aphasia, #LivingwithAphasia to share our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts.

In Devon:

Around 6,000 people in Devon have aphasia. Share awareness of how we support people and reduce their isolation through art.

aphasia awareness nigel
Nigel created this powerful image for aphasia awareness month.

We are creating an art project made from everyone in the group which will be on show in an Exeter gallery. We’d love you to join in! Find our more contact us on 0791 232 0372

Together! Living with Aphasia.

Living with Aphasia zoom meetings are keeping people connected and together.

See our “How to Join a Zoom Meeting” on our Coronavirus Support page.

We have a new project to create a group flag which we can use for June “Aphasia Awareness” month.

Everyone will be making their own section of the flag. A great joint project.

Plus one of our group has been in the national news! Joseph’s talking about the mental health effects of living in isolation – and the help that Living with Aphasia has had on his well being.