Celebrate with Living with Aphasia!

What a fantastic turn out we had for our 2nd year party! It was a great occasion to celebrate everything that we do. Thank you to everyone that came along to join in our celebrations. Watch our Living with Aphasia video, made by Jon who recently had a stroke.

Plus we had a fantastic performance of the Singing group with tarantulas! Our own Aphasia Song, written by Emily, rounded off our entertainment and, as always, Sam made sure we all had great fun with music and singing.


People also had the opportunity to see a taster of our art exhibition on display. The exhibits was previously shown at the Pheonix Art Centre in Exeter for a month over March and received much praise. Working with Magic Carpet has been a joy this year allowing us to “mess about ” with different artistic mediums to express ourselves.

art exhibition aphasia

So many people celebrate brilliant achievements made in the 2 years we have been running as a charity. We are thrilled!

Aphasia Living with
party aphasia

We welcome newcomers or visitors at any of our events over the year and are all looking forward to another wonderful year of fun, support and friendship.

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