Welcome to Living with Aphasia.

We are a charity that supports people in Devon affected by aphasia. We bring people with aphasia together to share experiences, make friends, and rebuild confidence in communication.

During this Covid 19 crisis we will be working to support people with aphasia and their families. All our group activities are on hold until further notice.Find out more Coronavirus Suppport.

Aphasia is a communication disability, which usually occurs after a stroke or head injury. Its impact can be devastating leaving people unable to speak, understand, read or write.  

Suddenly losing your ability to communicate can be life changing. It can destroy confidence and lead to isolation and depression. 6,000 people across Devon struggle to live with aphasia and we’re here to help.

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Help us provide support to people with Aphasia and their families in the Devon community.


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Learn more about aphasia – a communication disorder which occurs when the language centres of the brain are damaged.

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What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a language difficulty that affects the brain usually as a result of a stroke or head injury.

We are a group of friendly people with first hand experience of living with aphasia.

We understands the language difficulty and can support you, your family and friends with Living with Aphasia. .